Calendar archive – 2018

Following is the list of social and motor sport events conducted by the Mazda MX-5 Club of Victoria & Tasmania during 2018:

DateHostEvent / venue
14/1/2018CentralStrathbogie Range run
14/1/2018Northern TasmaniaRound and Round the Ben We Go
21/1/2018Southern TasmaniaFish & Chip run
26/1/2018WesternAustralia Day run
4/2/2018North-EasternTastes of the North-East
4/2/2018EasternKhanacross, Bryant Park
6/2/2018CentralMid-week Yarra Valley Cruise
11/2/2018Southern TasmaniaSouthport run and Pub Lunch
17/2/2018WesternTwilight run (Saturday)
18/2/2018EasternBaw Baw run
18/2/2018Northern TasmaniaCoast to Canyon run
21/2/2018CentralMid-week Twilight run
25/2/2018CentralMornington Peninsula Breakfast run
1/3/2018Central6th anniversary of the formation of the Central Chapter (1 March 2012) ...
4/3/2018ClubClub run combined with the Drive Against Depression group
4/3/2018EasternKhanacross, Bryant Park
7/3/2018EasternMid-week Fish & Chip run to San Remo
9-12/3/2018WesternGippsland run (Labour Day weekend) To be confirmed.
10-12/3/2018EasternWestern Chapter visiting Gippsland
14/3/2018CentralDelights of the Mornington Peninsula
16/3/2018Southern Tasmania10th anniversary of the formation of the Southern Tasmania Chapter (16 March 2008) ...
18/3/2018Southern TasmaniaSouthern Tasmania Chapter's 10th anniversary party - DJ Motors
18/3/2018Northern TasmaniaJosh & Sammi's run
20/3/2018North-Eastern Taking it Easy on Tuesday - Bogong/Falls Creek run
24/3/2018CentralTwilight run
25/3/2018EasternKongwak Market run
12/4/2018Western Victoria9th anniversary of the formation of the Western Victoria Chapter (12 April 2009) ...
14/4/2018CentralFish & Chip run (Saturday)
15/4/2018North-Eastern Victoria11th anniversary of the formation of the North-Eastern Victoria Chapter (15 April 2007) ...
15/4/2018North-Eastern Victoria11th anniversary run ...
15/4/2018WesternHanging Rock run
15/4/2018Southern TasmaniaGreat Lake run
15/4/2018Northern TasmaniaTaste of Targa run
17-18/4/2018EasternMid-week overnighter to Marlo with the "Far Eastern Victoria Chapter"
19/4/2018CentralMid-week Brunch in the Valley run
2-3/5/2018EasternMid-week overnighter to Marysville
6/5/2018Club28th anniversary of the Club's first gathering, at the Old Cheese Factory in Berwick (6 May 1990) ... [Date only; no event.]
6/5/2018CentralKinglake run
12/5/2018WesternWood's run (Saturday)
19-20/5/2018North-Eastern Overnight weekender to Jamieson/Lake Eildon
20/5/2018EasternWilsons Prom run
20/5/2018Northern TasmaniaPicnic at Ross, meeting up with the Southern Tasmania Chapter
20/5/2018Southern TasmaniaRoss run
3/6/2018CentralBrisbane Ranges run
6-11/6/2018EasternEastern Victoria Chapter's run to meet up with Western Victoria's Echuca Touristy run (Queen's Birthday weekend)
8-11/6/2018WesternEchuca Touristy run (Queen's Birthday weekend)
15/6/2018Northern Tasmania10th anniversary of the formation of the Northern Tasmania Chapter (15 June 2008) ...
16-17/6/2018Northern TasmaniaChapter's 10th Anniversary run – Lake Pedder overnighter
17/6/2018EasternKhanacross, Bryant Park (Saturday)
21/6/2018EasternTechnical night at Pakenham Mazda (Thursday)
24/6/2018EasternWest Gippsland run
24/6/2018Southern TasmaniaAusmas at Lufra
26/6/2018North-Eastern Taking it Easy on Tuesday - Bethanga run
8/7/2018CentralEildon Adventure
15/7/2018WesternSunday Roast run & Aklan Philippine community fundraiser
15/7/2018EasternErica Lunch run
17/7/2018EasternMid-week Noojee Lunch 'n' Lies run
21-23/7/2018EasternEastern Victoria's run to the 2017-2018 Club Awards lunch Flowerdale Estate
22/7/18CentralCentral's north-western CBD run to the 2017-2018 Club Awards lunch Flowerdale Estate
22/7/18CentralCentral's eastern CBD run to the 2017-2018 Club Awards lunch Flowerdale Estate
22/7/18WesternEastern Victoria's run to the 2017-2018 Club Awards lunch Flowerdale Estate
22/7/2018Club2017-2018 Club Awards lunch Flowerdale Estate
22/7/2018Northern TasmaniaMarket run to Penguin
8/8/2018Club2017-2018 Club Annual General Meeting
8/8/2018EasternMid-week Walhalla Lunch 'n' Lies run
10/8/2018Club28th anniversary of the Club's inaugural official meeting, at the old Mazda Australia office, South Melbourne (10 August 1990)...
11/8/2018North-Eastern Walwa run
12/8/2018CentralRun to the khanacross, Bryant Park
12/8/2018EasternKhanacross, Bryant Park
18-19/8/2018EasternDargo run, with overnight in Sale
19/8/2018WesternGrampians run
19/8/2018Northern TasmaniaBrunch run to Swansea for the 2018 awards lunch (joint Chapter event)
19/8/2018Southern Tasmania2018 awards lunch, Swansea (joint Chapter event)
30/8/2018Southern TasmaniaBangor vineyard run
6-18/9/2018EasternFush & Chup Trup to Enzed
9/9/2018CentralMaldon run
11/9/2018North-Eastern Taking it Easy on Tuesday - King Valley/Mansfield run
16/9/2018WesternMt Macedon run
16/9/2018Northern TasmaniaGlenda's Mystery Time
20/9/2018EasternMid-week Beaconsfield lunch run
30/9/2018Southern TasmaniaGreat Lake run
7/10/2018CentralGreat Ocean Road run Event TBC
7/10/2018WesternRun to join the Great Ocean Road run
13-14/10/2018Southern TasmaniaOvernighter to Scamander
14/10/2018EasternKhanacross, Bryant Park
16-19/10/2018EasternMid-week "3 Peaks" run
21/10/2018North-EasternTumbarumba run
21/10/2018Northern TasmaniaDarren's North-West Journey
28/10/2018WesternPresident's run
28/10/2018EasternThe "Yet to be Named" run
3/11/2018Southern TasmaniaDriver training at Baskerville
5/11/2018Southern TasmaniaDriver training at Symmons Plains
11/11/2018CentralEuroa run
13-15/11/2018North-Eastern Mid-week MMMM Madness run ... two-night mid-week run – Myrtleford, Merimbula, Metung, Millawa!
18/11/2018EasternToora-Bald Hills wind farm run run
18/11/2018WesternProduce & Winery run
18/11/2018Northern TasmaniaTrevor's Amazing Day
25/11/2018Southern TasmaniaSalmon Ponds run
2/12/2018Eastern Christmas break-up run
8/12/2018CentralChristmas run
9/12/2018North-Eastern Christmas run
9/12/2018Western Christmas run
15/12/2018Southern TasmaniaChristmas at Bothwell
16/12/2018Northern TasmaniaChristmas run
27/12/2018CentralSomething to do after Christmas run