COVID-19 Update

Club Events

We are guided by the rules outlined by the Victorian and Tasmanian Governments about the relaxation or increasing of the lockdown, and as an affiliated club, we are also directed by the Motorsport Australia (CAMS) in relation to non-competition events.

Changes to Club Social Event Arrangements

Following on from the Premier’s announcement regarding changes to the COVID restrictions upon Victoria reaching 90% double vaccination, effective (18/11/2021), I wanted to advise you of changes to Club social event arrangements from that date.

As advised previously, the Committee has taken the view that we will be guided by, and abide by, the government health directives.

From 18/11/2021, there will be no limit on how many fully vaccinated members can attend social events. There is still the ability for run leaders to set a maximum number for any specific event due to lunch venue constraints, accommodation requirements, manageable group size, et cetera, but there will be no government mandated limit for us to abide by.

The committee have decided to maintain the requirement for all event attendees to be fully vaccinated so that we can maximise the numbers we can have at each event, given the drastically reduced numbers allowed if we don’t have this requirement.

The Club made some changes to events previously with the introduction of COVID restrictions, namely pre-event registrations and QR code sign-ins on the day of the event, and I would like to address how these will now be handled.

We have had feedback on the potential reduction in people attending events by needing to pre-register before an event, having removed the ability to decide on the day to attend, and whether pre-event registration could now be removed. We have also received considerable feedback from members that they like to know, before attending an event, that the other people attending are double vaccinated. This is achieved by pre-event registration. In trying to balance competing requests, the committee has determined that pre-event registration will still be required for now (and will be again reviewed in due course), however run leaders have the ability to set the close date for registrations to be the morning of the run if they want to, allowing last minute attendees to register before driving to the event. We hope that this strikes a suitable balance.

The introduction of the QR code sign in on event days was in response to the need for us to have a readily accessible record of who was attending an event in case contact tracing was required, and to meet new hygiene requirements of limiting people interacting (such as sharing pens and passing attendance pages between them). As a result of the QR code sign, there was some additional benefits in the removal of the need for the run leader to forward attendance details on to the Club post event, and the massive reduction in data input and clarification work for the Points Officer. There has been a recent suggestion to return to paper based attendance records, which the committee has also reviewed. The benefits of the QR system for the Club have been strongly supported by the Chapter Captains, who have expressed a strong desire to stay with the QR system. The health requirements to have records of attendees readily accessible and to minimise interaction between participants are still in place. With these matters in mind, the committee have determined to remain with the QR code sign in going forward.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me () or the Club Captain – Social, Craig Dixon ().


Peter Dannock