Guidelines for the Recommencement of Club Social Runs

Guidelines for the Recommencement of Club Social Runs

These guidelines do not replace the existing Club run rules and incident guidelines. The guidelines are to be considered whilst social events are being run whilst government restrictions are in place.
Where practical, these guidelines will be updated to reflect changes in COVID-19 restrictions.

Key Principles

Guiding Principles
1. The health and safety of everyone – members, volunteers, and the public is the most important consideration. This always requires a collective and individual responsibility for everyone’s safety to be displayed by members and participants.
2. All members and participants are required to follow the current Victorian/Tasmanian Government COVID19 community health regulations and advice, as they apply to driving a vehicle for recreational activity and the size of gatherings:
Note: It is recognised that government advice will progressively change and the club and run organisers will adjust these guidelines in accordance with these changes.
3. The Federal Governments’ National Principles for the Resumption of Sport and Recreation Activities, acknowledges that “…outdoor activities are a lower risk setting for COVID-19
transmission.” With that in mind, it is important to note the following:
a. Social Club Runs are conducted outdoors and, in most cases, in locations with a large site area.
b. Social Club Runs are a non-contact sport conducted by people who are ‘isolated’ in a vehicle.
c. There is no (or limited) sharing of equipment with minimal sharing of communal facilities; and
d. Events can be run without spectators.
4. We will also be guided by Motorsport Australia’s Return to Race Guidelines.

Hygiene Guidelines
1. Encourage all participants to maintain hand hygiene practices. Participants will be encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser to all events.
2. Minimise the contact between members and participants by modifying the sign in and briefing process for all events.
3. Participants should avoid sharing any equipment and swapping between vehicles.
4. Shared food will not be permitted.
5. Group catering activities will be permitted in accordance with the relevant public health guidelines
6. Frequently touched surfaces and equipment will be cleaned thoroughly.

Social Distancing Guidelines
1. Maintain social distancing measures. Where practical, participants will always be reminded to maintain to social distancing.
2. Avoid the use of indoor facilities, where possible.
3. No mass gatherings including drivers’ briefings, sign on for events, etc.
4. Limit the number of personnel attending an event to those who are essential. This includes placing restrictions on the number of participants, officials, and support personnel that are
granted access to the event, in accordance with Government regulations.
5. Avoid unnecessary physical interaction between officials and participants. Wherever possible electronic and radio interaction should be used and encouraged.

1. Under no circumstances should anyone with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 attend the event. This includes any fever, respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, sore throat,
cough, fatigue, or lack of sense of smell.
2. Under no circumstances should anyone attend the event if they have been.
a. overseas in the previous 14 days; or
b. in contact with someone who has been overseas in the previous 14 days; or
c. in contact with a known COVID-19 positive case in the previous 14 days

1. The Run Leader will be monitor compliance with these guidelines and remind individuals of their responsibilities, if required.
2. All event participants will be encouraged to download the COVIDSafe App and have it active during Club activities.
3. Each Run Organiser is required to maintain a complete register of event attendees and theircontact details, preferably electronic.

Event Procedures

Event Planning
1. Run plan and route – Runs plans and routes can follow the existing formats of either a Convoy or Waypoint run.
2. Motorsport Australia (CAMS) Permit – A permit will still be required for each event.

Event Registration
1. Pre-registration will be necessary for all participants. It will be important that we can identify and trace each of the participants who attends a run. Pre-registration can be completed via
email or online form.
2. We will not accept the registration of participants at the start of an event. Anyone who turns up and is not registered will be asked to leave the run. This includes passengers who are not
3. All participants and their passengers must register online prior to the event. On registering they will be asked to provide the following information:
a. Vehicle model, colour, and registration number of the vehicle they will attend the run in.
b. Name and contact number of each passenger attending the event.
c. A telephone number that can be used to contact the vehicle during the event.
d. Participants will be asked that they agree to abide by the COVID-19 requirements of the relevant State during our participation’.
4. Trial members will be permitted to register, provided they pre-register for the event. It will be at the Chapter captain’s discretion as to whether members take preference over trial

Pre-Event Briefing
1. All participants will receive a pre-event briefing via email.
a. The pre-event briefing will include all the relevant information required for a run, including run notes, guidelines, GPS route files and incident procedure information prior to the event.
b. Run organisers should organise their Run Leaders and Tail End Charlies prior to event and brief them on the required procedures.
c. Run Organiser will facilitate who will write the run report for mxtra prior to the event.
d. The briefing notes should also include the following:
i. Run notes – Convoy or Waypoint run.
ii. Identification of and contact details for the Run leader and Tail End Charlie.
iii. Radio channels being used.
iv. Start location and start time for the event.
v. Incident procedures; and
vi. End of run details.
2. Participants will be required to print their own copy of the briefing notes. No briefing notes will be available at the event.
3. The run organiser will be furnished with a list of all participants and their details.
4. Chapter Captains will be asked to retain the list of attendees from the event for a minimum period of three weeks after the event, and to furnish the Club Captain – Social with a copy of
the list.

Pre-Event Activities
1. No event briefing will be conducted at the start of the event.
2. Participants will be able to meet at the start point up to 30 minutes prior to the event start.
3. Participants will be checked off against the registration details.
4. The “No Registration, No Run” will be strictly enforced. That is, participants who have not pre-registered will not be able to participate in the event and will be asked to leave.

Communication during Events
1. All participants will be encouraged to communicate during the run via radio and mobile phone.
2. All participants should have the mobile phone of the Run Leader and Tail End Charlie End of Run Activity
1. End of run activities will be permitted, participants following the necessary social distancing and hygiene guidelines