Jinba Ittai Award


Jinba Ittai is Mazda’s expression for the “oneness between rider and horse” in relation to the experience of driving the Mazda MX-5.

It is awarded annually at the absolute discretion of the Club President.as recognition of the “oneness between a Club member and the Club” to a member or members who have provided outstanding service to the Club over the course of the previous Club Membership year.

The award may be presented to multiple winners in any given year, or the President may decide not to make any award. All current financial Club members, other than the incumbent President, are eligible for the award.

A nominee must:

  • have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the Club during the Club Membership year
  • display a general attitude and overall demeanour that reflects a dedication to the values of the Club as expressed in the Club’s Statement of Purposes and Rules


From 1995-1995 to 2006-2007, the award was known as the Club’s “Outstanding Achievement Award”, It was re-named the Jinba Ittai Award from 2007-2008. These outstanding members have been award recipients to date:

Outstanding Achievement Award
1995-1996Lindsay Howatt
1996-1997Chin Eng Yeap
1997-1998Rebecca Howatt
1998-1999Coral & Will Campbell
1999-2000Ian Morris
2000-2001Rob Spargo
2001-2002Joan & Ken Read
2002-2003Steve & Lillian Woolmer
2003-2004Steve Woolmer
2004-2005James Sanderson
2005-2006Murray Finlay
2006-2007Joni Condos
Jinba Ittai Award
2007-2008Joan & Ken Read
2008-2009Greg Savage
2009-2010Janette & John Todd
2010-2011Bruce Harvey
2011-2012Don Nicoll
2012-2013Daniel White
2013-2014Murray Finlay
2014-2015Alan Bennett
2015-2016Dave Collins
2016-2017Geoff Roche
2017-2018Peter Ferguson
Karen & Ian Bradshaw
2018-2019Bruce Gray
2019-2020Peter Dannock
Murray Finlay
2020-2021Bruce Gray
2021-2022Bob de Bont
2022-2023Alana McDougall