The beauty of khanacross is that it’s basically a slow event (this doesn’t mean that it’s not very challenging … plus you have to remember which way to go!).

You drive around a marked course, weaving between witches hats and around bollards as you negotiate a challenging course that tests and improves your driving skills. It’s doubtful any cars get out of 2nd gear. As such, it’s allowable to have kids over 12 competing and to have someone with you to help instruct your driving.

You only have to be as serious as you want to be, because you are only competing against yourself.

The Club’s Eastern Victoria Chapter hosts a khanacross at the Gippsland Car Club’s hillclimb course at Bryant Park, near Moe, about three times each year. All MX-5 Club members are welcome to come along and test their skills on these days (subject to capacity), so make sure your keep an eye on the Club calendar.

If the bug bites you and you become really keen, come back and have a go at one of the GCC’s hillclimb days as well.

Have a look at the videos below to get a taste of the fun involved with both khanacross and motorkhana …