Run Notes


Many weekends of the year, you’ll see a colourful convoy of MX-5s out taking advantage of some of the many great roads Victoria and Tasmania have to offer.

Each month’s runs and other activities are detailed in our events calendar.

Previous runs

However, sometimes you might like to do one of the runs yourself … you might have missed an event, or you might have enjoyed it so much that you just have to go out and do it again!

At the right and below we have a selection of popular Club runs which you can download and print out.

Please note that, over time, road conditions and access change, so what’s set out in these previous run notes — while accurate for the day of the original run — may no longer be 100% correct!

Submitting run notes from previous events

To contribute a set of run notes from a run that you’ve organised, send them to . We prefer to receive them in Word format, so that layout can be standardised. We’ll then convert them to PDF for the site.


Planning a Club run

If you’re planning a Club run, don’t re-invent the wheel … check out Rob Spargo’s helpful hints on planning an event:

* This Excel file is a basic template only – add or delete columns to suit your needs. If you add new rows, the formula for the “next direction” distance (column D) can be copied into the cells below by holding the mouse on the cross in the right-hand lower corner of the cell and dragging down to the cell below it.

Run notes from previous Club drives

You are welcome to use past run notes by clicking on any of the icons in the map above or the links below.

Please remember that, while these notes were correct at the time of the original run, road conditions are likely to have changed in the meantime. Please follow the notes with care.

In the map above a Car Icon show the starting point of runs & a Chequered Flag icon shows the finish or mid point of runs.

Where several runs start from the same point they are shown in clusters (coloured dots with a number) with the number of starting points.
Simply zoom in or click on the cluster to see all runs originating from this area.

Click on an icon to show a pop up with a link to the run notes.

New runs will be added as they are received.

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