Adding An Event Help

NOTE: There are two options for event registrations

  • Registration – applicable to most Club events
  • Ticketing – must be used if there is either a limit on the number of participants or there are advance payments to be made
  1. Fill in your event details in each section, noting the following sections:
    1. Hide the Registration Button’ is only to be selected for Ticketed events
    2. Attendee Information to Collect – REGISTRATIONS
      1. You must select the following as a minimum:
        1. Name
        2. Membership Number
        3. Passenger Name
        4. Passenger Membership Number
        5. Email Address
        6. Phone Number
        7. Is this your First Event?
        8. Other information items can be selected if required
    3. Registration Email
      1. You can change this if needed.
      2. Only one email address can be used
      3. The nominated email address will receive attendee registration notifications
    4. Organiser
      1. Select the organiser for the event from the dropdown list, multiple organisers can be selected
      2. If the organiser’s name isn’t in the list then click on the black ‘Here’ button to add a new organiser
      3. If required please also add your Chapter Captain as an organiser
    5. Expiry Date
      1. Don’t forget to set the event expiry date to the day after the event.
    6. Ticketing (must be used where there is either a limit on the number of participants or there are advance payments to be made)
      1. Please contact if you are organising an event which requires payment.

Preview your event and if all sections are filled and correct then submit.

Once submitted your event will be reviewed, a Motorsports Australia social event permit will be allocated and the event approved for publication.

NOTE: If you do not receive a confirmation email that your event has been submitted please contact the Social Captain.

The event will now appear on the Events Calendar and you can access the event by clicking on the blue “My Events Dashboard” button where all registrations for your event will be shown. You can download a csv file of all attendees from here.

Please refer any queries to the Social Captain