Past Due Member Renewal

Please read if you are logging on for the first time.  

  1. We now have a new Membership database and your old username & password are no longer valid.
  2. Request a password using your account email address.
  3. Check your email inbox for the password.
  4. Log In using your email address and the new password. It's recommended to copy & paste the new password rather than typing to avoid any errors i.e ) 0 & O. The password can be changed once you have logged in.
  5. Once logged in click on "Renew / Update your membership here".
  6. Ensure that you check that all the information contained in your account is correct.
  7. Change your Membership Billing by clicking on "Update"
  8. Pay your Membership Renewal
  9. Save and Continue
  10. Check your other account details, updating where necessary.
  11. Don't forget you must save the Billing Option you choose. Particularly when choosing EFT or Cheque/Money Order payment.
  12. If you have any difficulties please contact our Membership Officer by email at .


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