The Cardi Meet

Words, photos and organisers: Peter Ferguson

Forty-four people gathered on a cool summer’s evening at the Cardi Pub to have a meal, a few drinks and a LOT of talk to kick off 2020.

In fact, the majority gathered first at Keith and June Teeuw’s place for “horses doovers” for a couple of hours before heading for the Cardi. These two events seem to have become a bit of a tradition and a great way to catch up with friends, see how everyone’s Christmas went, and re-make acquaintances.

It also gave everyone a chance to wish Bob de Bont a happy 60th birthday for the following day!

Rob Krygsman (right), ever the interweb hunter, displayed his latest clothing find – a Route 66-inspired Miata shirt.

Chris Tacy arrived in his brand new ND in Soul Red Plus – only the car’s second outing prior to its first big trip to Bathurst for the 24-hour race the week after, with nine other club members (see page 24). You’ll note the “new” Soul Red Plus is a deeper red – really nice! (Chris also opted for some beautiful black option wheels … and now has a brand new set of standard wheels, if you’re in the market for some.)

We were also joined by new NE Victoria Chapter members Craig and Julie Nixon who have had their MX-5 (NC1) for only a month but have already done 5000km and attended three Club events. That’s commitment!

A great night out that was more about the people than the cars … but of course, there was a lot of MX-5 talk also!

More photos of the run can be found here.