Ice creams in the bush!

Story: Bruce Harvey

The cryptic title for this run came from a spur of the moment decision to have a drive into the Narawntapu National Park, where the “Bottle-Brush Snacks” caravan was discovered on the edge of the bush waiting for the hungry and thirsty tourist – so the decision to include it into a run was easy.

Whether it was the run title or the need to get out for a post-Christmas blowout, the net result was 18 cars and more than 30 people all lined up down the side of the green at Westbury. A random alternate A or B group split was made, with Kelly and Carl – having been provided with a map and some route details – leading Group B out first.

Group A followed a suitable distance behind but soon became the leaders when Group B had to backtrack because of a bridge closure and, once Kelly had advised of the problem, Group A was able to make the detour without backtracking.

The morning drive took in Hagley, Bishopbourne, Blackwood creek and Bracknell, where Group A stopped and let the B group catch and pass. From here it was a short drive – providing the right roads are taken – back to Westbury and lunch on the grass under the trees.
The talk over lunch featured quite a bit of discussion over where the Ice Creams in the Bush might lead but, with all the suggestions, no-one actually guessed the final destination. Lunch complete, Kelly rounded up her Bs and set off with a happy group of multi-coloured MX-5s. The afternoon’s route linked some of our favourite roads including Dunorlan, Weegena, Merseylea and Harford Targa stages so, after 15 minutes or so, Group A followed.

After crossing the Bass highway, taking the Harford Targa stage in reverse, we emerged on to the Frankford Highway and were able to head down the Bakers Beach road into the Narawntapu National Park, and 22km later the old caravan trading as Bottle Brush Snacks was around the corner.

The group actually emptied the van’s freezer and some had a short wait for an ice cream while the owners made a quick dash home to replenish the freezer!

Nonetheless, it was a great way to finish the run and, as always, an enjoyable day in northern Tasmanian with a group of astute MX-5 owners.