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Photos: If you have photos of a Club event that you would like added to our SmugMug gallery, please click here to email them to Bob de Bont so he can upload them.

Club cancellation policy: Cancellations and non-attendance at events: For events that require payment (for entry, meals etc), if you cancel less than one week before the event, or do not attend when you have booked a spot, you may be charged in full for that event.

COVID-19 restrictions has meant that fewer numbers can attend events. Until these are lifted, Members, and any guests, will be required to pre-register (in advance) for events. Please understand that if you miss the cut-off for permitted numbers you will not be allowed to attend the event and that, if you just turn up on the day without pre-registering, you will be turned away.

For those attending, run details will be emailed in advance and you will need to bring your own copies. There will be no drivers’ briefing before the start of the event, and all are expected to observe social distancing requirements.

Click here for the Club’s guidelines.

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